Me and my head high.

Maeve Rayne | Slytherin | Seventh Year

Hello love, my name is Maeve Rayne and I am hundred percent sure that you will love me just as much as I love myself.




I think i shall. Are you going to be there? -plays with her hair- I don’t care about the rumours, i prefer to hear things from the right person, you know? 

yes. depends. i go to class when i want, but slughorn’s about to fail me so if i don’t do shit then i’m out. there’s always bribing him though. /which reminds me i’ve got a narrative to reply to.) tch. i’m a pureblood. i don’t like these one on one interviews. what’s there to know? i hate mudbloods, but that’s obvious, isn’t it? that question’s a bit general. … … |: and i don’t sleep around, in case those rumours .. /huffs.)

Oh, excuse me, bad boy. Well, i’m pureblood too, and i don’t hate mudbloods, i just can’t stand them. I believe you don’t sleep around, don’t worry. -smirks- Is there something more i need to know?

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